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Church Conference notes continued...

"How To Get Unstuck"

-"Fight" for Clarity (Spiritual Warfare: prayer, fasting, consolidation and accountability)

-"Build" the culture needed to grow

"How is culture created"

-"Stories" you tell (praise God for what he has done)
-"Heroes" you make (praise God for the people he used for his glory)
-"Things" you celebrate (praise God for what he has done in us and our community)
-Develop a "Leadership Environment"

"When we embrace where we are, we can change where we're headed....until then we will remain stuck"

Pastor Jo Jo will go over these steps in our leadership meetings so that we can come together and pray to God for "Clarity" and a plan for our "Culture".

Also so that we may have high expectation for what God is going to do in our community and that we will consecrate before God so that we will be ready for whats to come.

Amen Brothers and Sisters see you tomorrow 🙂

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Church Conference notes continued...

'The longer our church settles at a number, the longer it will take for us to breakthrough'

" Why Churches Get Stuck"

-When the church outgrows the "Leadership" team

-When there is a absence of "Clarity"

"The three Ps"

-Personality of the pastor (which can bring a congregation but has its limits)
-Program (which can accommodate and help fix those limits)
-Process (very few churches reach this level)

-When the "Culture" doesn't support the desired outcome

'Culture Trumps Vision Every time'

-When "Unhealthy" leadership behaviors are being tolerated

'Behaviors only exist in an environment that supports them'

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Here are some of the notes form the church conference.

"The Six Phases Of A Church"

1. Launch: church birth (like us NCCA).
2. Utopia: everything is going right phase.
3. Whirlwind: when the church is floating in attendance (our current phase).
4. Increase (where we want to be).
5. Merry Go Round: same attendance, same everything (no growth like a stagnant body of water).
6. Slow Death: a closing church (usually takes about a few years. we don't want this).

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Today Pastor JoJo, Dolly, Arthur, John, Kalisha, Brittany and me (Timothy) are at the "When Your Church Feels Stuck" Conference and it is a blessing. We are gaining GODLY tools for ministry so that our church can grow and not be stuck in a phase of fluctuating growth (or 'Whirlwind' phase)

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Please Don't Forget about the Men's Conference 2018 Ignite LA
Watchmen Ministry presents: Ignite LA MEN'S CONFERENCE 2018
Date: March 9 & 10
Featuring: Kenny Luck
Cost: $ 60
Location: Desert Reign Church, 11610 Lakewood Blvd Downey CA
Information & Registration @
If you want to pay through the church please contact Brother John and Brother Mark, All payment should be in by February 24th.

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