New Creation Christian Assembly

new creation’s story

We come from different types of brokenness, but the Lord has healed us, mended our hearts and minds. New Creation Christian Assembly began to form at it’s current location in Artesia, CA in October of 2014 and was made official on April 12, 2015. Within the first year, following growth and a season of harvest, New Creation experienced a loss of over 50% of it’s congregation in a time of spiritual pruning. However with the loss, we gained new families with multiple giftings and talents as well as created bonds that are deeper than ever before. Since then, we have become part of a family – the Church – the venue by which we are developed into committed followers of Christ. Because of the change that we’ve seen and experienced in our lives, we want others to experience the same.

New creation Core values

authentic worship:

Worship is not confined to expressions or forms, but rather experienced daily as a lifestyle.

consistent biblical teaching:

The church will remain true to it’s roots of right doctrine, having the Word of God as it’s only and final authority.

genuine christ followers:

We are a gathering of imperfect people following a perfect God.

loving relationships:

We strive to understand and accept others, even in the midst of our own brokenness; we are a hospital for the broken, not a club for the righteous.

intentional discipleship:

We are committed to passing down fundamental truths and principles learned from the Word.

sincere fellowship:

We love any excuse to come together to eat. However, fellowship is not only relegated to eating, but partaking in suffering and joy of our fellow brothers and sisters and the preservation of said relationship.